Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinky Sqeak Contest - Change to Rule # 3

 I got a phone call from Ruben Castillo today. He gave me the real scoop on how Gary Pollak originally created pinky squeaks. He used tire and frame with out the use of the front pegs. It can still go either direction with out a fire hydrant though because that makes it a different trick. So I will be changing rule# 3. They use of a peg is considered a variation. I want to hold the contest in the true spirit of how Gary originally did them. I want to dedicate this Contest to Gary for naming and coming up with Pinky Squeaks.

3. Pinky Squeaks can be done either direction. You can not use your pegs to complete your pinky squeaks. You must use only the tire and the top tube. They will be counted from normal riding position back to normal riding position.You can only do pinky squeaks once you start. No other tricks will be allowed.

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