Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pinky Squeak Contest

With the success of the Hitchhiker Juggler contest in July. BMX Freestyler has decided to have another contest with Pinky Squeaks. After collecting information from other riders. This was the most requested trick in the community of flatlanders. Prize money is driven by us as a community of flatlanders. Last time BMX Freestyler gave David Hoffmann $277.77 and custom bars from London BMX. This was created because of you, the rider that wants to be able to give back and see someone really push there selves. Okay here are the rules:

1. All video submission must be filmed during the Month of September 2011. To insure this you must say on film “This was filmed for the BMX Freestyler Pinky Squeak Contest”. This can be said either at the beginning or the end of the video by the rider.

2. All videos submissions must be filmed either by tri pod or by another person. Go-Pro or self-camera will not be allowed.

3. There will be 3 different categories for this competition . The original Pinky Squeak with brakes using only tire and frame. Pinky Squeaks using pegs with brakes and Pinky Squeaks using pegs with out the use of brakes. They will be counted from normal riding position back to normal riding position. If rear tire touches the ground your video must be filmed again. You can only do Pinky Squeaks once you start. No other tricks will be allowed. No hopping or backwards hang '5s or backward steams ect.

 4. There will be 3 winners during this contest. The rider with the highest amount doing original Pinky Squeak's with brakes, using peg with brakes and using pegs with out brakes. The prize money will be divided in 3rds and given to each winner.

5. If you have a front brake you will be placed in the braked category. If you want to be considered for brake free pinky’s you must not have a front brake.

6. Rider must land pinky squeaks. You must be able to pedal away. At no time can rider touch the ground with either foot. If rider touches the ground the video submission is not qualified and should be filmed again.

7. Riders must have pedals on there bike.

8. Official entry’s must be sent by email to with the subject “Pinky Squeak Contest” . Submissions by social media will not be permitted ie Facebook, Twitter , Message Forums, ect

9 The Contest will run from September 1 - October 1. The last official entry will be at 12:00 p.m. Central time Zone. Any thing later than will not be official and will not have a chance at the prize money.

10. Winner of this contest must have a pay pal account. Please include your pay pal account info in your official submission.

11. If you want to support this contest with a donation you can send money to Your name will be added to the list of supporters and any links you would like visitors to visit.

12. Riders can enter each of the 3 classes. This is highly encouraged!

13. Riders can submit as many videos as they wish.

14. Most importantly have fun no matter your age and Keep on Riding!

Special Thanks to Joe Cicman for helping with the rules.

Total Prize Money is currently at $603.00

Rad Dad contributed in $20.00 to get things started!
Joe Cicman contributed in $40.00 sponsored by
Ron Seay contributed in $5.00
Anthony Buglio contributed $20.00 profile sprocket, some pedals and grips
Mark McGrade contributed $100
Danny Sirkin contributed $52 
Clint Majors contributed $40
Fred Penner contributed $30
Gay Pollak contributed $143. Can't wait to see the out come.
Adam and Norma Garica contributed $20.00
Joe Cicman contributed $13.00 sponsored by
Ron Baker contributed $20.00 thank you for putting this on and for your constant support in flatland. keep riding and talk to ya soon.

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