Thursday, July 8, 2010

Special Guest in the Austin,Texas

From Left to Right Sandra,Julia, Adam, Brett, Marie, Lee, David, Randall

     On July 7, 2010 we had several special guest at the Legendary Oltorf Garage. All the way for North Carolina Lee and his wife Maria drove to Austin last week to see the sites of Austin,Texas and to session with the ATX Flatland Crew. I was lucky enough to catch up with this on Wednesday their very last day in Austin to session for couple of hours together.

Lee and Maria
   We also had Sandra from San Francisco come by for a visit. She is has a very strong interest in learning flatland and the ATX Flatland Crew is all about helping some one get started and learning some tricks. Now that she has plugged into the Flatland community network. She will be making new contacts and maybe even show up at a event or two.

Sandra and Julia
    The Austin Area has become a place for riders from all over the world to come and visit. The Legendary Oltorf Garage is becoming as popular as "The Spot" in Redondo Beach California. The next guest rider that will be passing through is Richard Aguayo.

Richard Aguayo

     We are always stoked to have riders come through for a session. If you are ever interested in checking out the ATX Flatland scene for your self hit me up in email at

Keep on Riding!
Rad Dad

Photos from Session

Slide Show

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