Monday, July 12, 2010

Street Chronicle of Sickwick

Sometimes flat..?  Sometimes street..?  Sometimes both...that's my style.  Its ok amigo.  No problemo.  Chris Balles gave me the idea for this edit.  He made comment on facebook that he didn't know i rode street like that.  SO i put this little best of me in the street for the past 2 years all the way to like a week a go!  Thanks for the inspiration Chris.  Peace 2 my atx flatland crew brothers, i hope ya'll enjoy this.  See you at friends and family.


  1. Great edition to to the site. Great riding Sickwick. I have only seen you ride street on vid. One day I will see it in person!

  2. Chad, you're sick on a bike, any style! thanks for the video-hope to see you soon