Thursday, July 15, 2010

Magic Man

Adam is one clean rider.  He has dotted all i's and crossed all t's for sure, the details don't stand a chance.  He studies the science of flatland, and practices like a sage.  This all makes him a film makers dream as he's almost sure to land tricks rapidly and consistently.  I caught up with him yesterday at this new undisclosed spot on austin's east side.  We decided this spot is one of those here today, gone tomorrow joints so he threw down some links in its honor.  Don't hate the player-hate the game.  Adam is so flatland.   


  1. WOW that was super special and nice. A very nice surprise in the morning. Like sickwick was saying. Adam's consitanty is mind boggling. I have seen him land things that he should have fallen out of. Loved the Music sickwick. PERFECT!

  2. Nice vid Chad. And Awesome riding Adam. ice redemption on the falls. Definitely shows how consistent Adam is. A machine by most standards. Props, props, props!