Thursday, July 22, 2010

keep austin wheel

there are a few things that make this edit special.  First, the unicycle football crew.  Soooo austin...they were such a cool part of the evening...not normal.  not even close to boring.  Hippy, punk, cowboy shit man, it was like tripping and running naked in the forest.  Not that i know what thats like or anything. 
     Second, was the sound of the cicadas buzzing in the tress.  So here's what's up with that if you were wondering.  Only the males make the noise.  It is a mating song as well as a tactic to scare away birds.  They are the loudest sound producing insects.  The abdomen of the males body is hollow with a drum-like organ inside.  To the ancient Greeks they were a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, and immortality.
     Third, this was all shot on my favorite tennis court.  It is extremely grippy.  You can hear diclaudio carving around on this slow pavement.  Tennis...i swear adams bike is so dialed when a wheel hits the ground it sounds like a tennis racket hitting a tennis ball.  Dialed.  The editing is light here cause i felt like it was one of those "slice of life" moments.  In other words, just watch and enjoy-2 good 2 tamper with.  I like to try and let things edit themselves. 


  1. Just a note...unicycle football started in San Marcos, that is Marcos Garland being interviewed...the inventor/founder of unicycle football.

    The San Martians loved the halftime show the ATX crew put on during last seasons Stupor Bowl!