Friday, July 2, 2010


There is something to be said about time.  Although this footage is dated a bit, I think most of you will enjoy a look back at a really good time in Texas.  Since it is  a memory a few months removed, you have had time to forget some things that made this time so special, well...heres a reminder.  Thanks to everyone who appears on this edit.  I threw a little street session in middle just to break the beat a bit, hope you flatland purists don't mind it too much.  Bmx Freestyler 4 evermore!


  1. Whooo nice suprise sicwick. Nice reflection on that time period. It really seems like a dream.

  2. Excellent edit, you really brought out a mood there. Felt more like an ol bmx VHS classic than a web edit. Love the song around 5:30 with Scott Ditchfield (i believe?)... that beat was hot. Lastly, the level of riding thrown down here is ridiculous.