Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ground Breaking Session in Round Rock

   Today in Round Rock, Texas we had a ground breaking flatland session. Riders included Chris,Joseph Rob and myself Rad Dad. We all live with in 5 miles of each other and we just recently found out during a few blog comments and facebook messages that were recently exchanged.  We rode in a perfectly flat pavilion that was just perfect for riding flatland. We are going to make this a weekly mid week session to session with each other in our different spots. We started off by riding in Rob's spot at the pavilion. Maybe next week we will hit up the Ville. We are definitely going to hit up Team McDuff and session at the park.

    This was the first of many session to come. If you missed it check out Robs email to me that sparked all of this.

This whole experience brought up how bmx freestyler got started. For those that have been around long enough you might still remember Find A Riding Buddy. I started that a long time ago but due to lack up accurate information I had to let it go. It makes me think now. What if I was to build another data base again to help other riders find riders. Its a idea that I might run with in 2011.

Keep on Riding!


  1. This is what it`s all about!It`s going to be RAD to see the progression!

  2. sick! get those guys to the roundup this weekend!


  3. Yeah, that was awesome. That was more of a Session 0 though. Two of us were brand new so we did a lot of talking/introducing. Next time, we'll focus even more on the riding. ;)