Saturday, October 9, 2010

Texas Flatland Round Up 6 - Results

The Texas Fland Round Up 6 is a wrap. Tons of videos coming soon. So keep checking back.  Thanks to everyone that made this event possible.  Here are the resluts for the 3 classes.

Pro Class

1st  Dane Beardsley
2nd Will Redd
3rd David Weatherby
4th Art Thomason
5th Diego Tejada
6th Aaron Frost
7th Ruben Castillo
8th Kenny Boucher

Expert Class

1st Cesar Claderon
2nd Johnny Tamayo
3rd Lee Edwards
4th Hector Garica
5th Kelly Baldwin
6th Alex Johnson
7th Dax Wolford
8th Omari Cato

Vet Class
1st Mark Dandridge (Rad Dad)
2nd Brad Wright
3rd Jeremy Jones
4th Jim Mckay
5th Duane Duckworth
6th Nicola Olic
7th Danny Harrison
8th Leather Hands BMX Shop

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  1. Sorry I made some mistakes when posted these results. I have made corrections.