Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video Premiere

The Video Premiere for Living Legend was a HUGH success. With only 1 day to let everyone know we had around 30 people come out to share in this very special epic event. This was the very first time this has ever been done at the Oltorf Garage. We showed the video on the Wall of the Garage. On Monday August 9, 2010 the Full length Video will have a world wide realease along with photo slide show and in depth Interview with Robert Castillo.


  1. Awesome stuff Mark ,awesome.

  2. looks like a great time

  3. that was so rad! Robert is still dropping bombs, the video was amazing, and watching it at the OG with everyone was brilliant!

  4. So, so good to see. BUMMED that I was out riding the streets when it went down though!

    Great job Mark...Robert and Ruben were always an inspiration to me when I was younger, and they both still are.

    Keep on ridin'!