Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Classic BMX Video:Clowns Full Of Hate

Clowns Full Of Hate from surfer_atomico on Vimeo.

Back in 1991,this video was my staple.I would watch this and go ride,or I would go ride then watch this.I only had this video,the Trend Promo Video (It came in Dirt Bro`s Video cover) and a couple of GT ones.There was no youtube or vimeo back then and there sure wasn't a rad site like BMX Freestyler.Basically there was no INTERNET.

This video shows you how it was done back in the day.The brotherhood between disciplines back then was awesome.I rode alone a-lot back then.Once I just was on my way back from a session in Downtown Orlando,and another rider from across the avenue was like "dude you ride?" So we both went back to Downtown and rode some spots I didn't know about.I didn't even know him,but the simple fact that we rode BMX was like we were in some kind of brotherhood.Yesterday I saw 3 Different riders,and it was like I didn't exist.Times have changed.Enjoy the video.


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