Tuesday, August 17, 2010

pala paloma

pala paloma is a song about a pigeon.  that's cool cause the og has its share of pigeons.  Ironically, i picked the song before i knew how it translated.  i guess some things were just meant to be.  ask tod miller or mariah-rae.  Celia Cruz is the vocalist on the song and is known as the "Queen of Salsa".  She spent her career in New Jersey which just happens to bring us back to mariah-rae, who also has roots in New Jersey, and graciously provides the intro to this edit.  Little bit of Diclaudio...little bit of Diego served with ice cold Lone Star.


  1. I never thought I`d hear a Celia Cruz song on a BMX video.That was cool!Her voice on this track was slowed down a bit for this remix (makes her sound like a guy).Dancing Salsa and everything over there!

  2. WOW I miss the O.G. So much and its only been 1 week. Can't wait to hang with my Flat Family! THanks Sickwick!!!