Sunday, June 7, 2009

some new videos...

luke malone:

Flatland bmx Luke Malone june 09 from luke malone on Vimeo.

jim mckay:

good feelin' from prana on Vimeo.


Slowmo Backwheel Varials from handspin on Vimeo.

and for lols...chad degroot on springer(from a baco vid):

"I act gay to pick up women" Chad DeGroot on Jerry Springer from chad degroot on Vimeo.

...since we only have 11 subscribers i think i can get away with posting that here now :)

hope you all add had a good weekend. i had a wheel blow up in my car on friday and i was depressed all weekend...just today, i got off my ass and true'd up an old wheel and used an old tire and i'm back rolling. too bad flatlandfuel doesn't have a credit card/financing options...oh day coming up :)

york jam is just around the and jim will be there, sporting the gayest of mustaches and rocking pink toptube

york flyer:


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