Tuesday, June 9, 2009

stuff posted on facebook

to anyone who rides bmx, or "just flatland"...if you are bored, you should sign up for facebook and find me as a friend "josh duffek"...then you can go through my "friend" list and find a bunch of riders. marttiK and chad degroot won't add me though :) anyway, tons of riders on there...and facebook isn't as "spammy" as myspace is now. anyway...here is some stuff people posted today:

catfish interview:

flatland according to trevlon hall - part1 (espn!):

Matt Wilhelm(status update):
...is getting tons of unwanted phone calls because a mom at a school accidentally gave out my number to 5th graders. I will be screening calls for the next few days so just leave a message.


chris bohm won an award for his bmx training:

ciaran perry got a new bike (inertia) built up:

southsea sessions vid (effraim catlow posted):

also, here are some trailers for a bmx comp in singapore on july 26th:

Flatland Competition Trailer 1 (Singapore) from Sim on Vimeo.

Flatland Contest Trailer 2 (Combo Preview) from Sim on Vimeo.



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