Monday, June 29, 2009

jomopro coverage on fuelTV.

so i saw a tweet from steve laps today saying:
FuelTV will feature some flatland with interviews to include Team Pralex!!! WATCH IT

i didn't notice this till about 7:30 my time...i found fuel's site that said:

JoMoPro 2009
JoMoPro 2009 The JoMoPro is a one of kind BMX event, combining top prize money with a pressure-free, rider-friendly environment that attracts the best riders in the world.
Mon Wed Thu Sat Sun

holy wow! i twittered, myspaced, facebooked, and no avail. no one i know (or who loves me enough to reply) has i made my neighbor and non-flatland-hetero-life-partner order it :) it took being on hold for 15 minutes...but once you actually get to a can hook some shit up!

after walking richard's dogs and getting my mind right...the program started. it was a bunch of stuff about three of the street riders that went there, with some rad footage of autumn ramp park, along with some stuff about the town of joplin.

then about 15 minutes in they have a little segment on the flatland contest and flatland riding in general. it was pretty rad. i took up about a square centimeter of 1 second when the judges table was in a shot. lol.

i saw...scott ditchfield, adam diclaudio, art thomason, alex piorier, andy cooper, justin miller, and a whole lot of matt wilhelm riding...and pretty much everyone in the pro-class.

they had "commentary" with jason childers(and his awesome mustache), and hector garcia. some other dudes. the flatland part of the "show" only took up a few minutes...but it was cool they put it on.

thanks fuelTV!


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  1. Thanks for letting me know about this. I ordered FuelTV tonight and will be ready to watch it late Wednesday night. Will try to record it. Word.