Tuesday, June 16, 2009

twitter for (bmx) dummies

[correction to previous post..owen bohn is 17 years old.
not 15...still friggin amazing.]

sorry for calling you dummies...my bad. so a few months ago when i heard about twitter, much like sushi, i refused to bite on it. but i kept on hearing a bunch of cool stuff about it, and then i wanted to help CNN beat ashton kutcher in the "race to a million followers"...so i signed up to follow them. they lost...but i tried...

anyway, if you aren't into building much of a public profile...and want something simple you can get a bunch of rad news on check out twitter. here are some cool people/profiles to follow:
flatland fuel
empire bmx
ride bmx
kurt schmidt
odyssey bmx
soul bmx
diego tejada
the come up
profile racing
jared souney
corey martinez
mike escamilla
mutiny bikes
standard byke company
(cough) me (cough)
macneil bikes
mark eaton
brian tunney
chris doyle
orchid bmx
the much better half of team mcduff
(hopefully i didn't screw up any of that html..sorry if so...use search function)

...i'm mostly pulling that from wefollow.com/bmx(or whatever). the list could go on forever...depending on what you are into. i follow like 800 people...but, i'm an internet dork.

but like i said, you get some good stuff on there in a nice condensed 140 or less type message. more faster better multitasking! :) basically, when i'm in line somewhere i pull up my twitter feed (on fancy phone) and read weird stuff till i'm done waiting...or when i'm on the pooper and it's going to be awhile...

one thing to know...before you get on there and post a bunch of lameness...be aware that your thoughts quite possibly are being broadcast to an endless number of listeners...so don't be boring and don't argue with stuff....just read and enjoy...or not.

mark posted a new video of his riding, please watch and give him some deserved props:

Today's Riding June 15, 2009 from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

mark is an inspiration to...hell, anyone looking for a positive outlook on life. he has kept me inspired to ride over the past 4.5 years and will continue till, until our bodies give out...or until advil decides to sponsor us.

peace and flatland!


ps: i should be getting ready for york jam...but i like waiting to the last minute to do stuff...

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