Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rad Dad says Thanks!

At voodoo Jam 2012 I took 3rd place in the Vet Class and one of the prizes was a $50 dollar gift certificate from Dans Comp. I knew exactly what I need because my seat post was cracked.
It was also time for a new seat. Adam DiClaudio had given me this seat a few years back and I got great use out of it but it was falling apart and there were little metal parts sticking out and the rear portion kept moving around.

I place my order in on Friday and it arrived in the mail box on the very next Friday.

I had never placed a order through Dans Comp before and I called and placed my order with Abe. We talked a bit about Matt Wilhelm and Terry Adams and Voodoo Jam. He was stoked on my placement and even more stoked that I was a older rider still out there making it happen. He then blew my mind and was able to wave the shipping charges and also threw in a red Dans Comp T-Shirt.

I am very stoked to have a new seat and seat post. I ended up getting a MacNeil 330 Pivotal Seat Post 330 mm long and The Shadow Conspiracy Crow Pivotal Seat. It was a great prize because it was exactly what I needed!
I got this great idea to shoot new film of my first session with the new seat and post. Jim Mckay had just got a new lens and asked if he could film some links on top of the O.G. It was perfect timing for both of us. I told him about my idea and he was down to make it happen.

Photo by Donna Porterie

Thanks to Scott and Terry for Voodoo Jam 2012. Thanks to Abe at Dans Comp and Thank to Jim McKay for the great new footage! Special thanks to Donna for helping make it possible to even attend Voodoo Jam this year!

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