Sunday, July 22, 2012

James Jam - Photos and Wrap Up.

Photo by Jim Mckay

    James Jam was a huge success.We had a total of 31 people show up to show their support. James flew in to Austin from Colorado on Friday and the crew and spectators gathered on Saturday July 21, 2012. The Jam was scheduled at 3 P.M. but people started showing up around 4 P.M.  The temperature was about 101 but the O.G. was a tad bit cooler in the shade. Many of the ATX Crew members brought water to share with everyone so we stay hydrated all day long.
James McGraw riding his brand new Jungle Rider.

From Left to Right Arnold, DeeAnn Norma and Adam.
Totally awesome they came out just to watch. Norma even got on a bike and rode around!

R-Dog and Manny
It was great to see Manny out on a bike. Maybe we can get him back on full time!

David and Johnny
Johnny came out because David invited him. He has a bike tucked away. Maybe we will get him to break it out and ride with the crew.

Becky and Alma Jo
Alma Jo aka Rad Mom brought her friend Becky to the Jam. Becky even got on a bike and tried a few bunny hops!

Alma Jo and Mark Dandridge
Its so very cool to know that Alma Jo back in the day was called Rad Mom.I have been called Rad Dad since I have started riding again in 2004.

Alma Jo
Rad Mom getting those skills back and working on some flatland tricks.

The Guerrero Family with James McGraw
The Guerrero Family traveled from Houston to watch.

James McGraw was getting ready to pedal a death truck down the hill.

James and Mark

James wrote this on Facebook this morning: Riding with the Austin crew was so good there is so much skill in this town so glad I came to ride with them. the OG is such a good spot. Austin rocks and easy Chris wins the smooth style contest thanks to all who came out to ride and Mark Dandridge for putting the jam together.
Special thanks to Donna Porterie for helping with photos and filming. There is much more to come. Be sure to check back for video from Flatstyle and BMX Freestyler.

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