Sunday, June 3, 2012

Filming Down Town ATX

On June 2, 2012 the ATX Crew got together to do some filming downtown for Jim McKay. We helped bring Jim's vision to light. I took some photos during the process. It was a really fun day outside of the O.G.
 From left to Right, Ruben,Tod,Aaron,Brett and Chris
 Jim McKay getting all set up.
 Tod Miller
 Chris Anderson
 Chris Anderson,Brett Dennis and Aaron Frost
 Jim McKay in the middle of traffic, getting the perfect shot.
 Brett Dennis
R-Dog in the House!
 Here we are leaving to head to Congress.

 This is the view from the middle of the street of Congress.
 Jim McKay packing it all up.
 Back at the O.G. for a flatland session.
Jim McKay in a Time Machine!
 R-Dog mid switch
 Chris Anderson switch foot Karl
 Jim McKay Turbine!
 The crew is lined up and watching some flatland.
 Aaron Frost mid link while the crew watches.
Rad Dad packing it up for the day and heading out.
Special thanks to Donna Porterie for taking photos.

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