Monday, March 19, 2012

The message board is still active

Ever since social sites started to pop up there were less and less of a need for a message board to be used. There were already more established boards up with I created BMX Freestyler and there have been some times I felt as if I should just delete it. I am grateful that I had not done so. It is still being used and people are still finding it as a source of communication. I just read this post today

I too am get back into riding. Watching all the RadDad videos has inspired me to get into it again. I picked a 2010 Opsis. I love it! I rode back in the 80’s and can say that it’s hard to compare today technology to the stuff we had back then. The Opsis is much better than the any of the bikes I had back then. I have owned a Haro Master, 87 Diamondback Strike Zone Mike Dominguez, 91 or 92 Dyno Compe. I like the Opsis, but it does have some week points. I am sure it’s like any other hobby; get the best you can afford. Like Mark said have fun.

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