Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 Reaults

Am Flatland Circuit Round 1 kicked off in Toronto,Ont,Canada this past weekend as part of the Toronto International Bike Show. The AMFLT website has been updated with full results and photo gallery (more to be added). Also, the official AMFLT YouTube page is up and will have raw contest footage throughout the whole year! Moto Sasaki from Japan took 1st Place Pro followed by Dominik Nekolny and then JF Boulienne

CFO Flatland Unlimited 8 Reaults
Veteran Class
1. Tony Strickler
2. Steve Bergeron
3. Spencer Mitchell
4. Dave Neddow

Novice Class
1. Kevin Gallien
2. Shaun Lapsley
3. Fox Kinsman
4. Rebecca Pergentile
5. Jason Sponheimer
6. Allan Box
7. Addison Moore

Expert Class
1. Ron Monis
2. Todd Carter
3. Prasheel Gopal
4. Adam Pergentile
5. Rudolphe Clavelier
6. Lincoln Harberger
7. Frank Macchio
8. Joe Cicman
9. Sean Maher
10. Joey Felix
11. Bryan Huffman
12. Alex Poirier
13. Dugald Cameron
14. Mark Kuhlmann
15. Steve Jordan
16. Keith Harrison
17. Steve Lapsley
18. Chris McLean
19. Shogo

Pro Class
1. Moto Sasaki
2. Dominik Nekolny
3. Jean-Francois Boullienne
4. Takuya Higu
5. Alex Jumelin
6. Terry Adams
7. Percy Marshall
8. Jean-William Prevost
9. Francois Cote
10. Lachlan Cameron

Thanks for all your support!
Steve Lapsley
Am Flatland Circuit

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