Saturday, January 9, 2010

Highlights from Straight out of Indy

Straight out of Indy Highlights from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

Limited Time ONLY!!!

$47.50! I fill up the car on my way to Indy. After deciding to go to this contest, then not, only to change my mind last minute and jump in the car Thursday night after work by myself, I’m on the road to West Virginia to stay overnight. After only 4 hours, I’m someplace close to the WV border with Kentucky and decide to crash for the night. I quickly found every hotel to be over $100 a night, which was a little much for me and a little surprising for WV. Thankfully I found a Red Roof a few exits from Huntington, WV for $50.
     I get up early and hit the road, getting into Indianapolis around 3 pm. Shortly after arriving, Marty Clark calls me and gives me the lowdown that everyone already in town is meeting up at the Ellenberger skate rink around 6 pm. Thankfully we get some good riding in and I’m able to adjust to the floor before the comp on Saturday. The contest area is pretty large, a little slick, but more forgiving then it looks, and super hot. No air conditioning with summer Indiana heat. A small group of riders session the rink for a while, including the Ohio crew, Andy Cooper, Chris Armstrong, Texas Mark, Clint and some others. Jeff Smee, who I hadn’t seen in years, showed up and surprised us all. After a couple of hours riding in the rink we head to Cooper’s house and go for a little ride around downtown Indy before stopping at one of Andy´s lots. We ride there a bit before hitting a Mexican place up for some late dinner. Got to say thanks to that place for letting so many of us crash the place five minutesimage before they closed.
     Saturday morning! Contest time. Riders start to filter in getting ready to deal with the humidity. Here are some random comments on some of the riders. Marty Clark does nice no brake decades. Brian Cochran and his brother Matt were busting all day. Brian does nice cross-footed spinning hitchhikers. A crew from Michigan showed up and all of them were busting out. Clint Mayors and Mark Rad Dad were both riding well and get the award for probably driving the furthest to the comp. Scott Nagy was hitting some nice lard yard links. Jeff Smee was looking deadly hitting fast Rolaids, peg fives, and 360 kick flips from hikers. Chris Armstrong was hitting nice death trucks and cliffhangers….he should have entered. Joe Miller, who I hadn’t seen in years, started riding again and was also doing nice death trucks. Maybe death trucks are making a comeback?! Damian Bacci drove all the way from Florida, which may have been further than Texas and flowed through lots of nice rolling links. I think he was happy to have a nice big area to ride in. Kip Williamson and Ron Monis also showed up and rode, but didn’t enter. Both those guys were doing some nice tricks. It was good to see Kim from Chicago come out and support the event too. I think I even saw the one-and-only Perry Merver sitting in the crowd during the comp.
     Sixteen riders entered and everyone qualified in a certain order, then you had to go through battles. It was a good idea, but you could tell after a few battles the heat was taking its toll on the riders. It was nice to have a large open area to ride, with a DJ who played whatever you wanted and plenty of time to practice. Everyone rode well. Jeff Smee ended up in third, but definitely could have won. Avram, from Michigan I believe, ended up in second and some old, washed-up has-been won the contest. I had a really good time, but unfortunately had to miss the jam on Sunday so I could be back to work Monday morning. A special thanks goes out to Jake and Alain for all their efforts they put into this contest and helping out the US flatland scene. Also thanks to all the sponsors who helped with the contest. Having jams and contests like this can only help and hopefully people will realize that and come show their support next year. I know I´ll be back. I heard next year it may change locations to a place with air conditioning even……

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