Thursday, January 14, 2010

Aaron Frost January 2010

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but here are a few words that will not show up in this video. Here is how this video came to be. I make work trips to Corpus ever month. It is about a 4 hour ride from my house so I spend 2 nights there. Generally I bring my bike and Aaron and I will ride the days I am there for a few hours. During this visit I am not capable of riding due to a back injury at the beginning of the year. I brought my camera and fully charged battery and 1 blank tape. I spent a majority of our time together filming and watching. We always have a good time together but this time was really fun. Its not very often that I get a chance to film with out trying to ride at the same time. Aaron was very stoked about the tricks that he pulled during our sessions and was eager for me to put the footage together. I got home on Wed night and put this footage together on Thursday. Its been awhile since I have put anything out that fast. It used to be a regular thing but life keeps me busy doing other things. I am glad I had the time and motivation to put this one out. I have more footage coming soon from the ATX Crew and New Trick of the Month from David Weathersby.

Stay tuned and

Keep on Riding!

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  1. great edit Mark! Aaron looks like he's really on his game!