Thursday, July 2, 2009

IFC "Independent Freestyle Committee" Press Release

Independent Freestyle Committee shines new light on the BMX Community

The IFC BMX Kicked off its new set of events for BMX riders worldwide this Month with its first event in Colorado Springs providing a new governing sanction body for Freestyle BMX. The Proceeds from the Events will go towards local non-profit organizations and improvement for local parks for our youth.

Colorado Springs, Colorado-- Its has been a long time since the Action Sports Community has seen a Governing Body for Freestyle BMX but now thanks the father of two young BMX riders in Colorado the BMX Community has a new light and a hope for the progression of the sport. Mark Huffman, owner of Suburban Shred Bmx and Skate shop decided this year it is time to help the sport of BMX move forward and give our young freestyle BMX riders a chance to show their talents in a new set of tournaments and events!

The IFC BMX is only preceded by the ASPA freestyle events started in 1983 only to die out in the late 80’s after the riding level advancement and bike sales drop. Sponsorships begin to get scarce. The freestyle sanctioning body, The American Freestyle Association (AFA), closed up shop. And one by one the magazines and companies folded. The sport of freestyle BMX has changed very much since then and now it is progressing faster than ever before. “ The Independent Freestyle Committee is in place to govern organized freestyle events and give a definition and purpose to the sport of Freestyle BMX” says Founder Mark Huffman. Current sponsors of the event include The March Forth Supply Company, Transworld Ride Bmx, and Mirra Bike Co.

Under the IFC rules of members and Participants may accumulate points at any IFC organized function in the U.S. Additionally, a statewide level points program will be offered for an increased interest of competition. Each IFC BMX member and event is a separate entity with the common goal of providing competitive yet safe and fun BMX competition. The members of each event are committed to operating under IFC guidelines to insure those goals. It is, however, the Participants and his/her parent's responsibility to understand and follow these competition regulations.


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