Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BMX Worlds 2009 presented by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink

The BMX Worlds 2009 presented by ROCKSTAR Energy Drink from 10th till 12th of July are about to get rolling. The park-area and the dirt-track are ready to be dominated by the worlds BMX elite.

Düsseldorf/Cologne July, 7th 2009 Just four days away from kick off and construction work for the BMX Worlds 2009 at the Jugendpark in Cologne has already finished. BMX-Gourmand and spielbetrieb Managing Director Peter Jandt (40) along with the camp-ramps team have worked very hard to serve, what roughly 250 adrenalin-longing park riders and their fans came to enjoy - a hell of a ride! Innovation and flow were top of the list of priorities while creating this over-the-top BMX park.

This year they spawned an amazing combination of four different floors, which are all connected with transitions, channels and wicked wallrides. The results are endless amounts of different tricks and lines, enabling a very diverse and exciting contest experience for visitors and riders alike.
Along with the beloved classics, there are also some new additions to the BMX Worlds 2009 menu. „The new pyramid with a curb on top and a giant Channel-Wallride called Mac will demand everything from and give a lot back to all riders - were just fired up about the opportunities, says Peter Jandt.

Once again experienced dirt-shaper and pro-rider duo Markus Hampl (29) and Benjamin Paulsen (27) have come together under the Zoobrücke in Cologne, to create an innovative and stunning new edition of the BMX Worlds dirt line. This years track comes complete with a spectacular seven meter roll-in followed by a steep turn to catapult riders down a roller and over three highly technical jumps.
The exclusive location right next to the river and under the cover of this giant structure, will give birth to an exceptional atmosphere, that is unique to the BMX Worlds at the Jugendpark Cologne. Bikes will be flying high!

From flying high to laying low: Four hundred square meters of the smoothest wooden floor, DJ Frictions mix of the riders favourite tunes and very, very special guests will drive all flatland aficionados crazy. Under these circumstances this once again open air contest will be one for the books.

For our mini ramp contest weve got the worlds biggest portable and one of the most popular mini ramp set up for the riders to shred away. They will make no secret of what the „Braun cruZer Spine has to offer to both, the riders, and the audience.

Last but not least were proud to announce that theres a worldcup-tested half pipe waiting to crown one of the high class competitors in this supreme discipline of BMX.

All in all, this years BMX Worlds tracks are shaping up to become the perfect playground for an extraordinary riders elite, that no adrenaline junkie would want to miss out on!

Go safe and get the tickets at www.bmxworlds.de

High resolution pictures for press publication and further information can be
found on the website, www.bmxworlds.de

Printing is free of charge, please send copy voucher.

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