Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Thirty of Thirties by Jeff Scheer

This video was sent to me by Jeff and I am truly honored Jeff that you thought of BMX Freestyler to have it hosted by. I love the concept and I would not be surprised if this was a growing trend.
Last Thirty - Of Thirties from Jeff Scheer on Vimeo.

With my 40th B-day a week away, I wanted to make a last edit for my thirties. I created a thirty clip edit without any video effects or extra non riding scenes. Just a fast paced, clip after clip style, of some of my tricks of 2012. Heavy on brakeless decades, since one of the decades in my life is coming to an end. In order to fit the 30 clips into a reasonable length, I used many shorter tricks, and didn't use really long combos.
This year I rode brakeless quite a bit, although some clips I do have a front brake only. All the decade / Smith decade stuff, boomerangs, and pinkie squeaks are brakeless. Some of the tricks I came up with myself and have never seen anyone do. The no kick double turbined one handed steam at 4:50 is my invention, along with the original combo at 2:45 and a few other things I've never seen done before...
Hope everyone enjoys the video!
Song - Furious Angels (Instrumental)
Artist - Rob Dougan

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