Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flatweb TV Episode #16

In episode 16 of FlatWebTV, we chat about the great interview Effraim did with Simon O'brien. We marvel at the great amount of freecoasters either available now in the works and we wish we needed a new frame as Flatland Fuel has one of its biggest frame sales ever.

Flatland in the media is highlighted with commercials from Toyota and Docomo, specials featuring Matt Wilhelm and a an unusual NBA halftime show with Keith King.

Toyota Advert: (w/Matti Hemmings)

Docomo Xperia (w/Moto Sasaki)

Cartoon Network Anti-Bullying Campain (w/Matt Wilhelm, around the 8:10 mark)

New Orleans Hornets Halftime Show (w/Keith King)

A couple details about the latest special from FWTV, the Osaka edit, are spilled along with details about how to get your hands on some of AF THE NAYSAYER'S latest music. Go to www.afthenaysayer.com for details on how to get the mixtape "I'M COOL - VOLUME 2 and for the individual tack, "Sunday" go to:

We end the show with a tease of the upcoming JungleRider product giveaway. Stay tuned for the exact announcement in the May episode. Thanks!

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