Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FlatWebTV Episode 13 Season 2

In the Season 2 premier we show how the Philippine tragedy affects everyone, even the flatland community. The new issue of A.R.T. is examined and we dig right into the recent announcement of Martti Kuoppa's retirement with an interview with the man himself.

Hear from Martti on the decision, riders that influenced him as well as some big news for JungleRider and FlatWebTV for 2012.

Finally, we take a look at some of our favorite Martti edits and throw the challenge to you to post your favorites on facebook.com/flatwebtv.

Iligan Flat Crew - Philippine PayPal Recovery Fund:

A.R.T. Magazine

Martti Kuoppa YouTube Channel

Viki Gomez Clip from "Viki Gomez Malaga City 2011 (part I)" - Psycho Studio

Kevin Jones Clip from "Dorkin' 10," 2001 - Mark Eaton

Chase Gouin Clip from "Dorkin' 10," 2001 - Mark Eaton

Jesse Puente Clip from "Wheelies" (Dorkin' 8), 1994 - Mark Eaton

High Speed Perverted Rolaid from 2009 Worlds in Cologne - DeathtoInvaders

Perry Mervar Clip from "Slow Ride," 1990, Bully

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