Friday, April 1, 2011

Trick of the Month Stick B Sponsored by Rick MacDonald

OK, to start with the most simple entry to a StickB, put your right leg over the bike and hang it down by the left side of your botttom bracket. Have your left pedal facing up, it will be out of the way once you get the bike upside down. Do a little endo, and plant your right foot right at the BB so you can be ready to scuff at the right moment. I also hold my rear brake the whole way.

It's basically a matter of assembly. Endo, plant your toe on the tire, bring the bike right up to your will be turning the bars at this same time too. You can grab the fork leg as you start scuffing but watch for fingers in the spokes..youch! I grab the peg with my left hand, pass it to the right hand, and you want to throw it all behind you pretty quick and begin scuffing.   Keep all your weight on the peg leg, so you can scuff more easily, and when you want to pull out, start to pull the bike back up to your level, pass the peg from your right to your left hand as you slow down the scuff and reach the brake. Your bars should turn right after this point too. When the bike gets real low in front of you, lean back so you don't end up on the ground too! Try to hit the left pedal, which will facing sort of up, and use it to pedal away...Keep practicing it and this "re-assembly" stage will become second nature, honestly!

There are lots of ways to get out of can pivot with your scuffing foot on the tire into an upside-down wheelie, you can even grab the brake and jump way out onto the front pegs as the front end comes down...You'll also see me do a little dumptruck, (rolling into a StickB)'s best to quickly roll into this one, I start with bars backwards, wheelie up and reach with right hand over to left peg, as you pull it up fast, toss the whole bike behind you without losing forward momentum, and get to scuffin'!

I added a few examples (and plenty of failed attempts) at combining a lardyard into a switch-footed StickB, and a no-handed StickB with my shin behind the pedal.

It's tricky but keep analyzing my shaky impromptu video, and hopefully we'll see some reply posts with your versions too!

-Rick MacDonald

Master List for 2011
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Submitted By MaykoLee


  1. Props to Rick MacDonald for coming through!

    I like this video it shows successes and errors and what it`s going to take to learn them.This video makes me want to go out and ride.

  2. Thanks! I hope more of you post up some stories and videos...I will be filming that lardyard/stick B combo for real..soon!