Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JoMoPro 2010 Flatland Promo Video

Every April Joplin, Missouri's Autumn Ramp Park becomes the center of attention in the BMX world.
As host of the JoMoPro, Autumn Ramp Park attracts top BMX riders and fans for one of the largest international bicycle stunt events. The JoMoPro is an amateur and professional BMX contest that holds events in the disciplines of both Park and Flatland. The annual competition began in 2006 as part of the grand opening festivities of the Bridge Ministries Complex and has grown over the past five years into one of the most anticipated BMX events in the country. The JoMoPro attracts hundreds of the best BMX riders from all over the world. Top pros and household names like Ryan Nyquist, Daniel Dhers, Steve McCann, and Ryan Guettler, ect. Have made the trek yo Joplin, Missouri to compete in the JoMoPro.

In addition to the 200+ BMX riders that travel to compete, the JoMoPro also attracts hundreds of spectators that come to witness BMX history in the making. Autumn Ramp Park is packed to the walls all three days of the event with 750-1000 fans of all ages experiencing the action up close. The whole weekend wraps up with the famous Best Trick Contest, where the sport's top riders have 30 minutes to attempt the biggest, most innovative tricks. The JoMoPro Best Trick Contest is often referenced as creating BMX history each year, and the winner drives home on a brand new 2010 Harley Davidson motorcycle!

The JoMoPro has become such a success that all the major BMX industry media outlets cover the event extensively online, via live web-cast, and in print. This means that the number of people that get to witness the incredible action has grown to tens of thousands. Recently, several international action sports media organizations have jumped on board as well. In 2009, FUEL TV produced a 30 minute feature of the event that has been broadcast worldwide multiple times over a four month period. The ground-breaking riding of JoMoPro athletes has been witnessed by literally millions of viewers around the globe.

If you want to witness of the best BMX action in the world from a front row seat, or be able to rub shoulders with the some of the sports top pros, then plan to make the trip to Joplin Missouri's Autumn Ramp Park this April!

The JoMoPro will take place April 9-11, 2010. For more information, find us on the the web at:
autumnramppark.com or jomopro.net

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