Sunday, November 22, 2009

David Weathersby 26th Birthday Jam

Here at in the ATX we celebrate our crew memebers birthdays with a Birthday Jam. Some times we even get a video from the day. This is David's 26th Birthday. During the sesison I got a phone call from Chris Balles. Long time friend of David and he couldn't make it out. He passed a message through me and asked David to to 26 rotations of a spining,pumping, no handed, crackpacker. 1 rotation for every year he has been alive. On the first attempt David nailed 25 of them...just 1 shy. On the second attempt he did over 26 but fell out on the ride out. He was winded from all the pumping but he was determined to get all 26 on film. He did just that and a few more to grow on. Be sure to watch past the credits for the Bonus Footage!

Happy Birthday David!!

Keep on Riding!

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