Monday, October 5, 2009

Adam Celebrates his 26th Birthday

So I am sitting at home relaxed and I get this message from John Yull. Hey Mark, We are having a Birthday Session for Adam are you coming? That was all I needed to pack up the Camera and Bike and roll out to the O.G. on a Sunday Afternoon. In the part of town that I am in its very wet out side, but by the time I get to the O.G. The sun is out and everything looks amazing. Adam Diclaudio, John Yull and EZ Chris were holding it down when I arrived. Adam picked up a New Camera to start filming more Session. Set it up in a good spot and we all attempted to ride in the small square trying to stay in frame. I pulled out my camera as well and did some hand held camera work as well.
Adam was getting frustrated with his Superpower and was ready to to ride the Tantra for the Flatland Round Up so in the middle of the session Adam put together his new frame. Its only a temporary fix until his custom frame arrives. But Adam on the Tantra is Amazing. He looked so much more comfortable and was doing things we had not seen in awhile.
The Session ended with photos of everyone with Adam and plans to see each other during the week if possible and next stop...Texas Flatland Round Up 5!

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