Monday, April 6, 2009

Stranded at JoMoPro

On the way back from JoMoPro I get a phone call from some one I had never met before. I shall refer to him as D. D received my number from a David Weathersby and was trying to get a ride home from JoMoPro. The big problem was we were just about 1 hour away from home. It was a total of a 9 hour ride home. D was stranded by people that got him there in the first place. After a few phone calls to many friends, I was able to get ahold of Paul who lives in Joplin to see if he could take D in for the night. Paul did so much more than just take him in. He volenterred to drive him and others so they could get back home. Our community of flatlanders and parkriders is small. I think its totally amazing how 2 people that have never met before can work through what could have been a horride time being left outside with no transporation or warm place to stay to being provided a way home.

As it turns out I only live about 5 or so Miles from D. I am looking forward to meeting him some day so we can ride.

Keep on Riding!

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